Hi! I'm Tom

I'm a full stack website developer based in the UK

I work full time as a website developer at an awesome design studio in Fenland. I have experience in many web technologies and even work on open source projects!

About me

I'm a self taught full stack website developer, specialising in PHP & MySQL and experienced in various web technologies

When I was at school I wanted to be a developer of some sort. It wasn't until the web really started to take off towards the end of my school life that I looked towards the web as my platform.

In my spare time I play games with friends, listen to music, watch films/TV shows all the usual stuff. However, I also work on open source projects along with some private projects - such as this website!

I'm always learning new things, from new techniques to entire libraries, after all in today's world of packages you can't go a day without a new 'major' framework.


BulmaJS is the Javascript extension to the popular Bulma CSS framework, written in ES6 with a plugin architecture

I created BulmaJS initially as a personal requirement for the Javascript magic required by some of the Bulma components. It started to quickly turn into more and so the public, open source version of BulmaJS was launched.

BulmaJS has a plugin architecture, every component is it's own plugin with the 'core' providing the glue and some common methods. This keeps the overall bundle low and allows others to easily create their own plugins.

BulmaJS is becoming increasingly popular with over 140 Github stars and over 250 weekly downloads on NPM. And it's only going to grow!

BulmaJS logo


I'm always trying out new tools and frameworks. However, there is a set of 'go to's' that I like and am confident in

In my day to day projects I maintain a wide range of different systems, from bespoke PHP CMS's to Wordpress eCommerce stores.

I have experience in the common web based lanuages PHP, HTML, CSS MySQL and Javascript. I also have experence in various CSS libraries including Bootstrap, Bulma and Tailwind CSS. I'm also confident in using the Vue Javascript framework for rich front end interfaces.

For new and some existing projects I use a custom CMS built on top of the awesome Laravel PHP framework and primarily use the Bulma CSS libraries, occasionally using Bootstrap for some historic projects.

I also have a decent understanding of maintaining Linux servers, and do so regulaly for bespoke client projects.

Git is regulaly used on all projects along with Webpack (sometimes wrapped using Laravel Mix).

Have a question about one of my projects? Or just wanna say hi? Email me tom@tomerbe.co.uk or message me on Twitter