Hey 👋

I'm Tom. I'm a Laravel developer, tinkerer and entertainment addict

I've been developing in Laravel for over 5 years and in PHP and the web sphere for much longer.

On this site I'll be sharing my experiences and tips working with Laravel and web development in general. We'll also explore other areas of interest including other software development topics, 3D printing, electronics and anything else I decide to write about.

My current projects
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Open Source JavaScript framework for the Bulma CSS library.

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A place where I write about all things development, gaming or anything else that comes to mind

Plus More

I'm always thinking of new ideas for projects. Watch this space!

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3D Printing

Various discussions and discoveries within the world of 3D Printing.

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All things Laravel including tips, package reviews and tutorials.

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Front End

Tips and tricks on front-end tooling, optimisation and more.

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All things PHP, from tips to tutorials and everything in between!

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